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The environmentally friendly cork flakes that are incorporated in our grips give a unique feeling. Water resistance is cork’s best-kept secret. Besides that, the cork grips are wear and tear-resistant. Therefore, the RIBBON Cork grips last longer than your average PU or chamois grip. The cork flakes are extremely light and therefore the weight distribution of your hockey stick is perfectly balanced!

First of all before applying the new grip to your stick check the instruction video and read the instructions on the ‘how it works’ page! It is an easy do it yourself, you can do it! 

Yes! It is possible to use RIBBON Sportgrips as both over- and basic-hockey stick grip. You can either choose to remove the old grip and replace it with a new one. Or you can choose to wrap a new RIBBON Sportgrip over the old one. You can take advantage of the last option since your stick shaft is ticker and the shock and blows during your game are better damped. An extra and or overgrip is used by many hockey players because it provides more grip and gives a softer feeling.

Leaving your grip too long around your hockey stick can cause mold to form under your grip, definitely something you don’t want to hold! Besides the mold, your hockey stick grip is a great place for bacteria to grow. Especially when you use your hockey grip in the rain, the bacteria will slowly decrease the specifications of your grip. Therefore, we recommend replacing your grip every 2 or 3 months. You’d better be safe than sorry re-gripping your hockey stick on time! There’s no such thing as replacing your grip too much!

Yes, we offer worldwide international shipping to all destinations! Your order will be shipped by the global post service of The Netherlands. You receive the track and trace of your package by email.

Your worst nightmare is losing control of your hockey stick because of an old slippery grip that has been around your stick for way too long. With the RIBBON Cork grip you are taking the control back in your hands! Buying a regular grip will get you into the same trouble…

This is an emerging question among field hockey players: both the Cork grip and the Sleeve allow better control of the hockey stick and provide more power when passing and shooting, but how do they compare? The Cork grip is made of  3 mm thick foam with incorporated cork flakes, giving the grip its unique and comfortable feeling, reducing all vibrations when shooting! The Sleeve is the first shrinking one-piece overgrip for a field hockey stick. Finished with a 100% water resistant raw surface, assuring maximal grip in all weather circumstances!

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