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How it works - Cork Grip

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The CORK hockey grip

If you have been playing with the same hockey stick for a while, it may be needed to replace your stick. Buying a new field hockey stick is an expensive investment. When your hockey stick is worn out, the playing comfort deteriorates. Additionally, the quality of your game will deteriorate if your stick is worn out. Replacing your hockey stick grip can be enough to solve this problem. Playing hockey with a new grip provides the same amazing sense as purchasing a new stick. This amazing effect also applies to your indoor hockey stick. Taping your hockey stick handle will create more grip and hold so you have better control of your hockey skills. With a new grip, your stick is comfortable in your hands again. You are ready to hit the field with maximal playing comfort during your game! 

let's compare

Basic VS. Overgrip

There are two types of hockey grips: the basic grip and the overgrip. The basic grip is the one that’s already on your hockey stick when you purchase it. The over grip is a grip you wrap around the basic grip. 

Over time, the basic grip wears off. When you want to replace it, you can do two things. You can either choose to remove the old grip and replace it with a new one. Or you can choose to wrap a new grip over the old one. You can take advantage of the last option since your stick shaft is ticker and the shock and blows during your game are better damped.  

An extra and or overgrip is used by many hockey players because it provides more grip and gives a softer feeling. Due to the incorporated cork flakes of the RIBBON Cork grip, the amount of grip increases, even more, when it is slightly wet. It is therefore no coincidence that players who are mainly active on water fields use the RIBBON Cork grip!

the steps

How to grip your hockey stick?

In addition to re-gripping your stick, it is nice if you can turn the tape around your stick yourself. The process of applying the grip tape around your stick is relatively simple. But nevertheless, it is important you take your time and grip your stick in a concentrated manner. You want to prevent the grip from getting loose again after half a training or competition game. Below we explain step by step how you can do it yourself! Get ready to grab your grip!

Once you have these materials at hand, you can start re-gripping your stick. Before you start, make sure you follow the below-mentioned rules of thumb:

Remove the current grip from your hockey stick. If you prefer playing with a thicker grip, you can also apply your new grip over the current stick grip tape. 

Remove the glue residue, leftover bits of the original grip and make sure the shaft of the hockey stick is dry. Cut a small part at the start of the grip diagonally and start wrapping from here.

Start applying the grip at the top of the stick and place the RIBBON Cork grip slightly diagonally on your stick. Put the grip on slightly and hold it with your thumb. Wrap the grip straight around the hockey stick in 1 time. Remove the adhesive edge with each turn. 

TIP: If you want to practice first, leave the strip on the glue line. 

Wrap the grip down at an angle. While turning downwards put some tension on the grip by pulling it lightly. This ensures that the grip is tight around your hockey stick. Make sure the layers of the grip overlap each other about 2 to 3 millimeters, to avoid gaps. 

Rotate the RIBBON Cork grip to where you want, all RIBBON hockey grips are extra long. One likes to turn the grip a little further for a better feeling at your right hand at the bottom of your stick. 

When you finish covering your stick shaft, hold the end of your grip with your thumb and stick a piece of tape on it so the RIBBON Cork grip stays in place. You can cut the end of the grip diagonally to let the grip smoothly fit to your hockey stick.

TIP: Follow the lines of the old grip. 

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