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The hockey stick sleeve

how to install

RIBBON sleeve grip

Step 1: Center and Leave 0.5 cm

Put the SLEEVE over the top of the hockey stick. Center the SLEEVE in the middle of the stick and hold it like this until step 3. It is important to leave around 0.5cm from the button out before applying heat to the SLEEVE.

Step 2: Start from the Top

First and foremost you have to start from the top button side, remember to hold the SLEEVE as long as the top has shrunken and is fixed. Press the button on a flat surface to be sure the SLEEVE is fixed correctly.

Step 3: Slowly rotate

When applying the SLEEVE, slowly rotate the stick, it should shrink on all sides equally. Remember to work from the top downward to the bow of the stick. Beware of your hands, the SLEEVE heats up a bit.

Step 4: Continue

Continue step 4 until the SLEEVE is fully shrunken on all sides. The SLEEVE starts shrinking from 55 degree Celsius. Don’t be shy when heating the SLEEVE the material can conquer temperatures up to 125 degree Celsius.

Step 5: You are Ready!

Lastly tape your end with the RIBBON sticker, let your stick cool down for a few minutes and you are ready to hit the field. You never lose grip anymore with the SLEEVE around your hockey stick!

OR: Use your water boiler

Since the SLEEVE shrinks between 55 and 125 degree Celsius, you can also use a water boiler to install the SLEEVE. Just follow step 1 up to step 5 and use hot water instead of a heat gun. You will get the same result.


How to put on the RIBBON Sleeve?

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