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The Sleeve is a unique one-piece over grip, finished with a raw surface. Pleasant to hold and assures you with maximal grip during the game! Easy to apply yourself!

The Sleeve has everything a hockey player needs! The Sleeve is a unique one-piece over grip made of polymer, finished with a raw surface that ensures maximal grip. The Sleeve is 100% water resistant. It doesn’t matter how hard it rains, the Sleeve makes it easy to play in all weather conditions!

We recommend playing with a Cork grip underneath the Sleeve. This brings the best of both Ribbon grips together! The vibration reduction of the CORK grip combined with the maximal grip is assured by the raw surface of the Sleeve.

The hockey grip is easy to apply on your hockeystick with a heat gun or boiling water. See the instruction video here!

Enjoy the unique qualities of the Sleeve:

  • Made of one piece, no problems anymore with loose and scratching grip like a PU or Chamois grip
  • 100% waterproof
  • Does not aborb moisture
  • Maximal grip due to rough surface
  • Easy to apply yourself over the shaft of your hockey stick

8 reviews for Ribbon SLEEVE

  1. Berthe Roosen

    First of all very friendly contact and fast delivery. The SLEEVE itself is very convenient and user friendly. Fairly easy to apply, once applied properly you will enjoy this grip for a very long time.

  2. Nikky

    This is what we all needed for a long time! It feels great and gives you enough grip on your stick. It’s also really comfortable because it doesn’t loosen up since it is a one piece over grip. I’m a fan of the sleeve!

  3. Evy Lynn

    I’va had problems playing hockey with my pain in my hands for so long, both in summer and in winter. With the sleeve I don’t have problems anymore. Before I discovered the sleeve, my grip kept peeling off… Luckily the sleeve won’t come off during the game! It is also very easy to apply : )

  4. Sophie Dirks

    Very nice, doesn’t get worn out quickly! Also very easy to apply yourself! Gives enough grip, you hardly have to replace it since it remains good, so really great product!!

  5. Tim Miller (verified owner)

    Just received my new sleeve. First class service. Grip and cushioning levels are excellent. Really like the fact that it’s a fair bit longer than a standard grip. So easy to apply and feels like it’s going to last well.

  6. Tery (verified owner)

    As a goalkeeper, I have to rely on the fact that I will be able to use my stick 100%. This grip guarantees it to me. The application is very fast and efficient. The hockey stick is much better and more comfortable to hold in the hand. The quality is incredible and I hope this grip will last me a long time. I am very grateful for the great communication I had with Ribbon. Their willingness and concern for customers is incredible. Thank you so much!

  7. Connor Cliffe (verified owner)

    This is next level awesome! I always put a ribbon grip under the sleeve for extra cushion due to me usually playing a very big hitting game but the sleeve is amazing. Heat shrink over my ribbon grip to protect it from the weather. Great grip even when wet. Fun to apply using either hot water or a heat gun. I wouldn’t be without the sleeve on my sticks now. There is no going back.

    Not only is the product amazing the customer service is awesome. Always fast to respond, always fast delivery.
    All round an excellent brand.

  8. Seb

    @Ribbon .. Great stuff you guys make !!!
    Bought 2 .. still using the first .. the whole season .. 3 trainings a week + game on Sunday .. even better when wet ..
    no fuzz to fit the sleeve on your stick .. just boiling water .. easy as that
    Grtz Seb

    Image #1 from Seb
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