HOW to install RIBBON CORK Grip

Buying a new hockeystick is an expensive investment, while replacing the grip is enough. Playing hockey with a new grip provides the same experience as purchasing a new stick. You will create more grip and hold so you  have better control of your stick. With a new grip, your stick is comfortable in your hands again, you are ready to hit the field with extra playing comfort and you are assured of grip on your sports performance. Choose your new sportgrip from the RIBBON range so you can make the difference on the hockey field in style with maximum comfort during the game.

Is your hockeystick ready for a new grip, but you have no idea how to replace it? Applying a new grip is relatively simple. Below we explain step by step how you can replace your grip.

  1. Remove the current grip from the hockeystick. If you prefer to play with a thicker grip, the new grip can also be applied over the current grip.
  1. Remove the glue residue, leftover bits of grip and make sure the hockeystick is dry.
  2. Start applying the grip at the top of the stick. Wrap the grip straight around the hockey stick 1 time.

TIP: if you want to practice first, leave the strip on the glue line.

  1. Wrap the grip down at an angle. While turning downwards put some tension on the grip by pulling it lightly. This ensures that the grip is tight around the hockeystick. Make sure that the layers of the grip overlap each other about 2 to 3 millimeters. This avoids gaps between different layers and the grip is firmer around the hockeystick.

TIP: follow the lines of the old grip.