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Get your hockey stick and hockey gear ready for the upcoming 2023 season!

Wrapping up the year but keep looking forward

Training, no training, training with 1.5 meter distance – we almost had it all by the start of 2022. After a tumultuous start of the hockey year with many restrictions due to the Covid 19 pandemic, we look forward to a seamless start of 2023. Along the way we would like to give you some tips about your hockey equipment, so you are ready for your first game of 2023!

Ready for something new!

We all know the feeling, the year has ended and of course you want to start the season well with a brand new hockey stick. Buying a new hockey stick is expensive, especially after the already costly December Holiday month. Sometimes you will be told that your hockey stick does not need to be replaced yet. However, every hockeyer still wants a better feeling on the hockey pitch whether or not you are already playing a while with your current hockey stick. So the question rises when does your hockey stick actually need to be replaced? In this blog we explain everything about this and give you a cheap option to make your hockey stick feel brand new again!

When does your hockey stick need to be replaced?

First of all, your hockey stick should not be too small or too big. If you have a hockey stick that is too small, you will often notice this when playing with a too crooked posture, bending over much further forward while playing, probably suffering from some back pain. It is always assumed to play with a hockey stick that falls on the belly button. Having this in mind, and feeling your stick poking in your stomach while playing hockey, it is probably the case that your current stick is too large. The best remedy is to replace your hockey stick for a smaller one. Fortunately, you can save a stick that is too large for later : )

Secondly, your hockey stick can look a bit worn out after a while. During the game your stick faces a lot of battles and must deal with many impacts when defending or hitting the ball. When going fully into every action on the pitch and giving everything to win the game, it is quite normal your hockey stick looks a bit frayed at the end of the year. The more the season comes to an end, the more your hockey stick deteriorates… If your stick is really worn out, your hockey skills can decrease and performance can worsen. No hockey player wants that to happen!

Hockey sticks differ in material and carbon percentage. The stiffness of your stick will decrease after a while. When playing with a full 100% carbon hockey stick you lose a bit of the carbon quality every time you play. For your understanding, this does not mean you have to buy an expensive stick with a high carbon percentage to make your stick last longer. Indeed, the carbon percentage will not decrease, your stick will only become less stiff. During the year you will feel that the power of your hockey stick becomes less and less. Depending on the intensity that you play hockey, it is recommended replacing your stick after 1 or 2 seasons. This can be quite an expensive investment… quickly read on to find out a way cheaper option to make your hockey stick feel brand new again!

Fix your worn-out hockey stick for only 12,50 euros!

In addition to the stiffness of your stick, the grip of your hockey stick can also break. Since you always hold your hockey stick at the shaft, assuring your grip feels good is very important. You can easily replace your grip! The average hockey stick costs around 200,- euro, count out your savings when replacing your grip with a RIBBON Cork grip of only 12,50 instead of buying a new hockey stick! Doubting whether your stick needs to be replaced for the new year? Just try wrapping around a new grip first and feel what magic happens : ) For your New Years’ resolutions: Get a GRIP on your game! Team RIBBON Sportgrip wishes you a lot of hockey fun in 2023!
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