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Ribbon CORK Grip White

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You can make your old hockey stick feel brand new again! Re-grip your hockey stick only with the highest quality grip. You are about to take control back in your hands with a RIBBON Cork grip around your stick! Upgrade both your indoor and field hockey stick.

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Do you suffer from shocks when hitting the ball, feeling pain in your hands, arms and even your shoulders? Then it is time to replace your grip with a RIBBON Cork grip. You will no longer be bothered by irritating vibrations since all shocks are absorbed by the EVA foam. With the 2.5 mm thick Cork grip you won’t have to squeeze hard to hold your stick tight. 

Our grips are made with sustainable cork flakes. Regardless of weather conditions, the incorporated cork flakes assures excellent grip! 

All RIBBON Cork grips are self-adhesive. You can easily install the grip around your hockey stick. Need help applying the grip? Take a look at the instruction video

Make your stick feels brand new again with the RIBBON Cork grip!

  • Grip Type: basic grip & over grip 
  • EVA foam with sustainable cork flakes
  • Water proof
  • Stylish look
  • Supreme grip
  • Extra long lifespan
  • Easy to apply

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6 reviews for Ribbon CORK Grip White

  1. Lucas van Teteringen

    RIBBON Sportgrip, you sell super nice grips… You can be really proud of that keep it up!!!

  2. Timme de Jong

    I used the Cork grip last season. I noticed that the grips last longer and keep the same grip all the time, even during the rain the grip remains its quality! The Ribbon Cork grip is definitely a must!

  3. Sven

    The grip is nice and soft and stays in place because there is glue all over the backside of the grip. Highly recommended the cork grip if you want a good grip for your stick.

  4. Lieve Wijkmans

    It really is a great grip. The grip lasts a long time and is very soft and comfortable. Despite the fact that the grip is white, it remains very nice and clean.

  5. Max (verified owner)

    Great balance between thickness and softness. Especially the length is perfect. Only used it for a week now but the grip so far is perfect. Even though I’m using it indoor and I don’t have the benefits of it in the wet. I angled the edge to have a cleaner wrap at the top of the stick.

  6. Hugo Rademakers (verified owner)

    The grip of the grip is perfect and it is a very clean colo, In addition, it is nice that you can choose how thick you put the grip around your stick! so it is a very nice product!

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