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What are the best grips used for hockey?

From pancake grip to double V grip, these are the 5 types of grips used when playing hockey

When playing hockey your left hand will always be at the top of your hockey stick, no matter what! Your left hand controls your stick while carrying out all techniques. It is the one that strongly grips the stick and rotates it from your forehand to your backhand. Whereas, your right hand has a more supportive function. It covers the rest of your stick shaft to orientate your stick more precisely.

Changing your hockey grip

Each situation on the hockey pitch requires a different technique and a specific grip. If you are able to switch grips rapidly and with the right technical skills, you will keep your level high with optimal control of the ball. However, it is not easy to change your grip fast during the game. In this blog we give you some TIPs on how to get the best grip during your game!

The basic guideline is to squeeze your right hand for a little period of time to allow your left hand to position itself properly, and then stop squeezing your right hand and place it in the right position. The challenge is to move your hands as quickly as possible to accurately find the new position. If you are not fast enough, you will lose control of the ball…

The most frequently used grip!

Let start with the basic grip: the grip that every hockey player learned when hitting the field for the first time. The basic grip is used for all the basic hockey techniques: passing, receiving, dribbling, running with the ball,… 

Your hands are positioned in the best possible way such that you can react to all situations. The V between your thumb and forefinger of your left hand should be on the backstick. This allows for vision and good orientation of your hockey stick when dribbling. Your right hand is positioned at the lower part of the shaft, providing strength and precision. Note that your right hand alternates: it loosens and tightens so you can rotate your stick and start dribbling! 

TIP: To secure even more power and precision, some players like to put their index finger on the back of the stick.

The grip you need to give a perfect pass!

The double V grip is used for long passing techniques such as forehand shots and the sweep hit. This grip allows you to put extra speed into your hockey stick by using the strength of your wrists. Your left and right hands are at the top of your stick. The double V must be visible between your thumb and forefinger of both hands, holding your hockey stick securely in place.

TIP: Your hands must work together to accompany each other in the movement of your hockey stick.

The one handed grip

Most of the time you need two hands on your stick to obtain maximal control over the ball. However, in some situations on the hockey pitch the one-handed grip can help you out: when running fast with the ball on your stick or to maximize your reach when defending.

TIP: Always put your left hand at the top of your hockey stick. Your right hand is free but able to quickly grab the hockey stick again.

Maximum control with the open face grip

When your hockey stick is placed face up, with the backstick facing the ground you hold your stick with the ‘open face grip’. Use the open face grip when intercepting from the reverse side or for your 3D skills when air dribbling. The V of your left hand is placed along the round side of your hockey stick, your right hand holds the stick at the bottom of the handle. 

TIP: You know you have the right grip when you see all your fingers when carrying the ball through the air.

Backing a pancake (grip)

Use the pancake grip to shoot on the reverse side of your hockey stick. Orientate your stick with its flat side up. Place both your hands at the top of the stick, with a double V grip of both hands along the flat side of your hockey stick.

TIP: Being able to change grips quickly will help you to get maximal control of the ball!

Do you have difficulties in changing your grip quickly during the game? Make it easy for yourself with a RIBBON Sportgrip!

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