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Working for a better future through sport!

One grip, double impact! RIBBON Sportgrip and The Hockey Center Almere partner for Hockey Dreams Foundation!

An impressive greeting! That is the barrel of lovingly donated hockey sticks, waiting to get a second life and make hockey players’ dreams come true at the Hockey Dreams Foundation.

That’s the first thing I came across when I walked into The Hockey Center in Almere a while back. And yes… this goes further than just some old hockey sticks in a barrel like you can find at your hockey club.

In fact, the barrel tells a story about commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Each hockey stick in the barrel symbolizes possibilities – the possibilities to make a child smile, to ignite passion, to make ‘Hockey Dreams’ come true!

The barrel immediately appealed to me and my hands were itching to replace all the worn- out hockey grips…

RIBBON Sportgrip is all about quality. In addition, RIBBON attaches great importance to sustainability and I get energy from making a positive impact!

That’s why I joined forces with Nicole van Laarhoven! Owner of the Hockey Centre Almere.

From now on, with every RIBBON grip purchased from The Hockey Centre, 1 grip will be donated directly to one of the sticks in the barrel for the Hockey Dreams Foundation. This way, the used sticks feel like new again!

An initiative to contribute to the hockey sport that I love so much and to contribute to the mission of the Hockey Dreams foundation:

''Creating a better future through sport''

Are you going for DOUBLE impact with the purchase of a new grip at the The Hockey Center Almere store?!

More about the Hockey Dreams Foundation

A future through hockey. Hockey Dreams Foundation aims to enable a better future through hockey. We do this by developing sustainable hockey communities: the hockey pitch provides a background for local learning opportunities. Coaches and kids from communities with challenging circumstances come together through their shared passion for the hockey sport.

Together they play, share, learn and grow. Hockey Dreams Foundation is there to assist youth in realizing their ambitions for a better future. The players and coaches of today, gain the confidence and competences to be the game changers of tomorrow.

‘’Sport has the power to change the world!’’

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