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Ribbon CORK Grip Blue

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Leaving your grip too long around your hockey stick can cause mold to form under your grip. Especially during bad weather, your hockey stick is a great place for bacteria to grow. Don’t let the mold and bacteria bother you. You’d better be safe than sorry replacing your grip on time!

What’s worse than your hockey stick slipping out of your hands, causing a total loss of control over your technique? Prevent yourself from the trouble of an old and worn out slippery grip. A fresh RIBBON Cork grip gives you the perfect feeling of stability so you can take control back in your hands!

Cork is used in an environmentally friendly way to produce the wear and tear resistant RIBBON Sportgrips. Therefore they last longer than average hockey grips, like a chamois over grip or a basic PU grip. 

The self adhesive glue strip on the back helps you apply the grip easily. Let me tell you how to wrap the grip perfectly around your stick yourself!

Better be safe than sorry. Replace your hockey grip on time and only with the best hockey stick grip!

  • Grip Type: basic grip & over grip 
  • Environmentally friendly use of cork
  • Wear and tear resistant
  • Good looking appearance 
  • Perfect feeling of stability
  • Last longer
  • Self Adhesive

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1 pack, 2 pack

2 reviews for Ribbon CORK Grip Blue

  1. Pim Haring

    These cork grips have a super cool design! The cork structure gives you a perfect feeling of grip and stability!

  2. hockeytricks.yasmin

    Heel fijn gripje en mooie kleurtjes:)

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