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Ribbon CORK Grip Red

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From wood to 100% carbon fiber hockey sticks, the all-rounder hockey grip when it comes to getting the best grip on your game. Not only the sensation, but also all the quality features and sustainable cork material that come with the best RIBBON sportgrips. A true classic on the hockey field!

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It doesn’t matter whether you play with a wood or 100% carbon fiber hockey stick, the RIBBON Cork grip will always be of added value when controlling the ball. The extremely light cork assures a perfect weight distribution of your stick.  

The sustainable cork flakes are very sturdy, making the RIBBON Cork grip last much longer than your average PU or Chamois grips. Cork provides the unique skin for your hockey stick that guarantees the best quality grip, you will not suffer from faying or slippery surfaces. 

Due to the glue strip on the back, it is simple to attach the grip yourself! Curious how to replace your grip? Look at the DIY-video (Do It Yourself) here!

Get the best grip on your game with the all-rounder RIBBON Cork hockey grip!

  • Grip Type: basic grip & over grip 
  • Sustainable fabric
  • Water resistant
  • Exclusive design
  • Unique surface for best hold
  • Extra long lifespan
  • Simple to attach yourself

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4 reviews for Ribbon CORK Grip Red

  1. Larissa

    I’m really happy with my red cork grip : ) The fact that it’s extra long is a game-changer for me as a goalie.
    I put it a bit higher on my stick to start with so I can hold my stick on its balance point which makes it feel lighter.
    The grip is just the right thickness so you’re still able to hold your stick the way you want!
    I will definitely buy another one when needed!

  2. Izzy Bianco

    I have been playing field hockey for about 13 years of my life. Overtime I always would love to put grips over my existing grips to get that extra cushion feel. When I first tried the cork grip it was truly the best grip I have ever purchased. It is so great because it does absorb water so playing in wet conditions makes it easier to grip the stick. It also comes extra long in the packaging which makes for exact measurements of a grip to your preference as a player. I will definitely be buying more and will forever use this grip!

  3. Brinno

    The best grip I’ve had in my entire hockey career!

    Just the feeling and touch the cork grip has is perfect. For a long time I was using another brand but Ribbon changed it all. I highly recommend it to anybody who is looking for a reliable hockey grip which is going to get the best out of your hockey skills. You should try the grip and see it for yourself, you will love it!

  4. Mikah T.

    Best grip ever! As a goalie or player, the feeling is so soft yet it holds on to the hand amazingly. It even feels like it absorbs some of the impact when goalkeeping! And the red colour is SOOO VIBRANT AND BEAUTIFUL! I haven’t had to replace my grip yet for almost 1 and a half years and only bought more to put to my other sticks:)

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