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Unraveling the mystery of Hockey grips: Basic vs. Over Grip

For hockey players, selecting the right equipment is crucial to maximize performance on the hockey field. Among many elements that contribute to a hockey player’s effectiveness, the hockey grip plays an essential role in providing control, comfort, and a solid connection between player and their hockey stick. We have two different hockey grips in our collection: the CORK and SLEEVE grip. The RIBBON Cork grip is used as a basic grip and the SLEEVE is used as an overgrip. In this blog, we will explore the difference between a basic hockey grip and an over grip, delving into their unique characteristics and how they can impact your field hockey game!

Basic hockey grip

The basic hockey grip, also known as the traditional or standard grip, refers to the grip technique where the hockey player holds the hockey stick directly against their bare hands. This grip involves no additional materials or coverings, allowing the player to have direct contact with the shaft of the hockey stick. The RIBBON CORK grip acts as a basic hockey grip. Taping easily and directly on the hockey stick handle due to its self adhesive glue strip on the back.

Pros of the basic hockey grip:

  • Direct contact: the basic CORK grip allows for a more direct feel of the hockey stick, providing a natural sense of control and responsiveness. 
  • Lightweight: since there are no added layers, the basic grip keeps the hockey stick light. Besides, the CORK grip is made of foam with incorporated cork flakes making this basic grip extra light and providing an optimal weight balance of your hockey stick! 

Cons of the basic hockey grip: 

  • Minimal shock absorption: without any additional padding, standard PU grips may lead to discomfort or fatigue during extended play sessions. The RIBBON CORK grip deals with this problem since the foam dampens all vibrations while keeping your grip thin, allowing the direct feel of your hockey stick.

Over grip

The over grip, also called a grip wrap or grip tape, is a layer of material applied over the shaft of the hockey stick. Oldschool over grips are the shammy / chamois grip, and some hockey players even use medical tape as an over grip on their hockey stick. The additional grip layer provides players with extra cushioning and grip, enhancing comfort and control during gameplay.

However, the shammy is an outdated overgrip which comes with several notable disadvantages…

Cons of a shammy hockey over grip:

  • Durability: shammy grips are made of chamois leather, which is soft and absorbent material. It wears out quickly compared to other grip materials like cork, especially when exposed to moisture and friction.
  • Grip changes: as the chamois grip absorbs moisture, its texture and tackiness can change, leading to inconsistent grip performance during the game. This can be frustrating for hockey players who rely on a consistent feel throughout the match.
  • Initial costs: while the initial costs of a shammy grip might not be significantly higher than other grips, the need for more frequent replacements due to wear and tear can make it a more expensive option in the long run…

Luckily, the hockey world did not stand still and we innovated a revolutionary new one piece heat shrinking overgrip: the SLEEVE. Definitely a must have for your hockey stick! Let’s go explore the advantages of the SLEEVE together!

Pros of the SLEEVE hockey over grip:

  • Moisture management: the SLEEVE hockey grip is made out of one piece and is 100% water resistant keeping away moisture and keeping the grip dry even during intense play or in wet weather conditions. This feature ensures that the SLEEVE grip maintains its tackiness and effectiveness throughout the game, reducing the risk of your hockey stick slipping due to sweaty hands.
  • Easy installation and removal: the SLEEVE hockey grip is easy to install and remove. Just slide the SLEEVE onto the hockeystick’s handle without the need for adhesiveness, and heat the SLEEVE so it shrinks onto the shaft of your hockey stick. You can use boiling water or a heat gun to shrink the SLEEVE around your hockey stick. Watch the instruction video here!
  • Durability: the SLEEVE is an over grip made of polymer. This is a durable and resilient material with the ability to withstand wear and tear, impact, and exposure to various weather conditions. The SLEEVE lasts up to 3 times as long as an old school shammy grip!

Choosing the right hockey grip

The hockey grip plays an essential role in a hockey player’s overall performance and comfort on the hockey field. The choice between a basic hockey grip and an over grip is a matter of personal preference and can significantly impact your game experience. You may thrive with the raw feel and control offered by the SLEEVE over hockey grip, while you could also like the benefits of the cushioning and comfortable CORK basic grip. 

You should take the time to test both the basic CORK grip and the SLEEVE hockey grip, to find the one that complements your playing style and ensures your with maximal comfort and control. Whichever grip you finally choose, it is essential to maintain the grip’s cleanliness and integrity to preserve its benefits throughout the season. 

So, take your time, find the perfect RIBBON sport grip, and elevate your hockey game to new heights!

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